I do my best and they never look beautiful

How ungrateful are the corals! And I take good care of them…

Why after a few days after purchasing this acropora, it loses all colours and go brown? Why are the zooanthids so closed? or Why does this anemone keep moving? These are common questions among the aquarium hobbyists. Often there is no clear answer that explains why the coral is not showing beautiful colours and have to rely on assumptions and guesses, sometimes there are different reasons converging. Let's talk about the most common ones:

Bomba de circulación

Provide a water stream

suiting the needs of every coral. A sarcophyton does not require the same water stream that an acropora. The stream should be variable and we should not place any coral in the direct direction of the water flow. If it's posible, it is also beneficial that the current intensity varies over the day; there are pumps which contemplate the night mode.

Iluminación acuario


must have the adequate spectrum and intensity that every coral needs. It is difficult that an acropora and a ricordea grow well under the same light, Either the acropora will not get enough light or the ricordea will be burning itself. When you enter a new coral it is important to acclimate it to the type and intensity of lighting in its new aquarium.


Feed your corals

in the right way and at the most convenient time, it is easy and cheap. Each coral is adapted to a type of particle, SPSs as acropora are normally unable to ingest particles of a size greater than 20um, while a trachyphyllia will catch and guzzle bits of food from several millimeters. It is very important to do at the right time, most of the corals show better food response with the lights out.


Make sure that no building materials are missing

such as calcium and carbonates, and that they are stable. Remember that a coral that can not calcify is a coral that ends up dying. The levels should be within a range, excesses can be as bad as a shortage.

Corales luchando

Avoid unnecessary fights

all corals fight for space. In nature, there is a fierce competition to occupy the maximum surface area and get more light (that is why many corals grow table shaped). In the aquarium this is not necessary, Let's give each coral its territ